Q: How are THM Hair Extensions different?

A: THM Hair Extensions are top of the line, 100% human hair, clip-in extensions. What makes THM Hair Extensions so unique, is that they are an all-in-one piece, and are easy to use. THM Hair Extensions can be cut, curled and styled in any way in order to enhance your wedding, special occasion, or everyday hairstyle. They bring lasting fullness and body to your hairstyle, whether you choose a classic up-do, or a romantic all down look. They are comfortable to wear and completely natural looking! Other hair extensions typically come in sets of 5 - 7 individual pieces. With so many pieces, it can be difficult to hide all of the clips. With our unique, layered, all-in-one, patent pending design, you no longer have to worry about hiding all of the clips. The result is flawless and 100% natural looking, no matter what hair style you are wanting for your big day. THM Hair Extensions are designed by the Bridal Stylists of TEAM Hair & Makeup, are made in the USA, and are now exclusively available for retail and wholesale.

Q: How much hair is in each THM Hair Extension Set?

A: The Bridal Stylists of TEAM Hair & Makeup have found that the perfect amount of hair for any Bridal hairstyle is between 105 and 115 grams of hair. This will ensure a comfortable fit throughout your day, while maintaining a 100% natural appearance. THM Hair Extensions are meant to enhance your hairstyle,  to ensure that you still look like yourself on your special day.

Q: What length does THM Hair Extensions come in?

A: To ensure a natural appearance on your day, we have found that perfect length for THM Hair Extensions is 20 inches.

Q: What if I want more volume or more length?

A: If you are wanting a longer extension, we do offer a 22 inch extension, that can be special ordered. If you are wanting more volume, we also offer an extension that is 120-140 grams of hair. Please keep in mind this is for a very specific look and will completely change your hairstyle.

Q: How long will THM Hair Extensions last?

A: If stored properly in their container, and well maintained, THM Hair Extensions can be worn over and over again even after your wedding or special occasion!  THM Hair Extensions can be worn up to 100 times if given lots of love and treated like your own hair!

Q: How should I care for my THM Hair Extensions?

A: THM Hair Extensions can be cut, washed, or flat ironed just like your own hair.  You can use the same products on your extensions as you do your own hair. We do not recommend washing them after every use. Just like with your own hair, frequent washing can be drying to your extensions.  We recommend washing them only after 10-12 wears. After they are washed and deep conditioned, towel dry your THM Hair Extensions as you would your own hair, and lay them on a flat surface to dry overnight, or blowdry on low heat. We do not recommend brushing your THM Hair Extensions while the hair is wet,  to ensure they are soft and silky and ready to wear again!

Q: Will THM Hair Extensions damage my own hair?

A: THM Hair Extensions are the safest type of extension to use.  They are a clip-in and clip-out, non-permanent hair extension, they can be easily placed in the perfect position depending on your hairstyle.

Q: How do I choose my THM Hair Extensions hair color?

A: THM Hair Extensions come in numerous shades, from rich black to a platinum blonde. We offer 2 options for color matching.
Option 1: Send us a piece of your hair, enough to see the color, and our TEAM Stylist will color match for you.
Option 2: If you are wanting to make sure our extensions are a perfect match, we do offer color swatches. Each swatch is a small section of hair that can be used to find your perfect color. Each swatch costs $7 + shipping.
Please give us a call anytime to speak to a TEAM stylist who can help you find your perfect match!

Q: How do I ensure my THM Hair Extensions will blend perfectly with color and texture?

A: With THM Hair Extensions unique design, you have the option of pulling your hair through the pockets that are built between the layers of hair. Check out the tutorial video for a closer look at how to blend your hair perfectly.